Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Patio

A stamped concrete patio enhances the enjoyment of a backyard living space.  A new, stamped concrete patio allows the homeowner a vast array of shape, texture and color options.


Benefits of Stamped Concrete versus Individual Pavers


  • Durability – Properly maintained, concrete is very durable
  • Less Maintenance – Due to its one-piece, poured construction, stamped concrete requires less maintenance than individual pavers
  • Safety – Stamped concrete remains flat. Pavers tend to settle.  This settling results in a non-uniform, non-flat walking surface that can be a trip-hazard.
  • Less Labor – Less initial construction labor is needed to pour and stamp a surface pattern vs. setting each paver individually, in place.
  • Easier Cleanup – Stamped concrete offers easier cleanup of accidental mishaps such as broken glass, and pets who “couldn’t wait”.
  • Visual Eye Appeal – Stamped concrete adds a natural color flow between your home and your backyard landscape.  It makes a home more appealing to future buyers, as well as adds to your own enjoyment.


Stages of a Stamped Concrete Patio

  1. Forming up the desired design so the concrete can be poured
  2. Pour the concrete
  3. Finish the concrete into a flat, workable surface
  4. Stamp the textured design, including stamping the border, if desired
  5. Let the concrete dry
  6. Apply acid stain and/or dye
  7. Let the acid stain and/or dye dry
  8. Apply neutralizer to prevent the acid stain from negatively reacting with the sealant
  9. Rinse off the neutralizer


A stamped border adds a finishing touch to the patio.  The border design is applied during the stamping process.  The border can be acid-stained or dyed to be the same color as the patio, or it can be a complementary color to match your home or backyard landscape for a bit of contrast.

Acid Stained

Once the concrete is stamped, it must be allowed to dry.  Afterward, an acid stain or dye is used to color the concrete patio.  Acid stains are typically available in natural, earth-toned colors.  Acid stain is applied to both the flat, walking patio surface and to the vertical edges of the patio.


Once the acid stain dries, it is neutralized and the slab is left to dry.  Once dry, sealant is applied to protect the concrete, and the underlying color(s).

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