Newly poured concrete driveway with diamond cut control joints

New Decorative Concrete Products

New decorative concrete beautifies driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, vertical retaining walls, and even backyard statuary.

There are many different decorative concrete products which are used to create eye-catching colors and designs.  

Acid Stains

Acid stains are used to create vibrant, colorful “works of artisanal art”.   Acid stains chemically react with the minerals in the concrete slab to create a natural-looking marblized appearance by physically etching the surface.  

There is very little control of acid stain final colors.  If the concrete slab has dips or low spots, the acid stain can puddle and penetrate to a greater depth than on a flat surface.  This puddling can make the concrete appear darker in those areas.  

Water Based Stains

Water based stains are typically lighter in color, giving an almost translucent finished appearance to the concrete in comparison with acid stains.


Dyes are used to impart a specific color hue to a surface. Dyes are available in a wide range of color options, and they dry quickly.


Pigments can be added to the cementitious overlay mix to provide a full depth of color.  This method, when scratched or faded, the color still remains consistent and has a uniform look.  The most widely used pigment to color concrete is Synthetic Iron Oxide. 


Sealants are available in a variety of different chemical compositions, both water-based and polyurethane-based. 


New decorative concrete products become available all the time.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


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