Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy Floor in Motorcycle Dealership Showroom

Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy Garage Floor photos on this page show the different stages of work performed on a motorcycle dealership floor in Independence, Missouri.  This floor was previously tiled with 18 inch by 18 inch vinyl tile.  Most of the tile had been removed, however, years of mopping the floor resulted in a buildup of water staining and debris around each of the tile.

Floor Preparation

Diamond Grinding

A diamond grinding machine was used to remove all surface debris and open the pores of the concrete to be able to accept the epoxy coating.  The first grinding was with aggressive, 20 grit segments.  The second grinding was a (finer grit) profile grinding using 80 grit diamond segments on the diamond grinding machine. 


Next, the floor was cleaned with a cleaning machine.  Afterward, it was mopped clean, and allowed to dry. 

Epoxy Application

Once completely dry, the first coat of water based epoxy was applied.  After 24 hours drying time, a second coat of epoxy was applied. A top coat of Balatrex was applied to provide an extra protective barrier to the floor.

Epoxy Floor Completion

After another 48 hours drying time, this motorcycle dealership was able to display their motorcycle inventory on this newly epoxied floor.     



Epoxy Garage Floor Features

Color Flexibility: Numerous colors of epoxy are available.  The light gray color of this epoxy floor was an excellent choice by this customer because once the floor was completed, as you can see, light bounces off it and illuminates the entire showroom, setting off the chrome of the motorcycles which are displayed.

Low Maintenance: Epoxy garage floors require minimal upkeep. to keep them looking shiny.

Durability:  An epoxy garage floor is extremely durable and can easily withstand medium to heavy traffic.



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