Do It Yourself professional grade acid stains, dyes, and sealers used by professional decorative contractors perform best for do-it-yourself homeowners, too.

If you would like to acid stain and seal your own concrete, you can!

Using the right products and tools will make it easier to achieve, and the results more long lasting.

The products below, are used by Decorative Concrete Art on a regular basis because they produce excellent visual and durability results.

Preparation is the key to being happy with your finished results.

PRESSURE WASH – Before staining your concrete slab, pressure wash it.

A garden hose’s water pressure is not strong enough to get deep into the concrete’s pores and remove dirt, mildews and molds.  Without pressure washing the concrete slab, and allowing it to dry thoroughly before applying stains and sealers, you will be locking them under the sealer.  Some molds may change color and mar the look of the newly stained concrete.  Dirt, mold and debris locked into the concrete’s pores, under the sealer can also produce a darker, more uneven, unwanted color to the finished stained and sealed slab.

Pressure Washing

  1. Removes the majority of salts from ice melts which have seeped into the slab.
  2. Removes some or all of the stains on the concrete’s top surface…except rust.  Pre-treat rust stains separately, before pressure washing.
  3. Removes the majority of gum, adhesives, latex paint splatters.  Scrape off as much of these as you can before pressure washing.
  4. Allows the chemical stains and sealants to adhere better to the concrete to produce longer lasting wear.

Let the concrete slab dry completely.

Test your colors in an inconspicuous spot, first.  Let them dry for 24 hours.


Acid stain colors will permanently adhere to the chemicals within the concrete.  They cannot be removed.  Acid stain colors can only be removed by using a diamond grinding machine to sand off the top surface of the slab.


If in doubt as to which colors to choose, choose lighter stain colors.  You can always apply a second coat to make a color darker, as long as you have not applied the top coat sealer, yet.




Do It Yourself Decorative Concrete Products Used by Professionals. and Homeowners

Professional grade stains are available in a wide array of colors.