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Meet the Owner of Decorative Concrete Art


Shane Lee


Creating decorative concrete art is not just a business for Shane Lee, the owner of Decorative Concrete Art.  He is passionate about his work.


During high school, Shane began a pressure washing and painting business.  He pressure washed driveways, sidewalks and patios.  He also pressure washed home and shed siding, as well as wood fences to prepare them to be painted.   This experience helped to lay the groundwork where Shane learned how important the concrete preparation stage is in relation to the finished product results. 

Existing concrete must be pressure washed to clean out the concrete’s pores.  Pressure washing is necessary to remove dirt, and mold so the surface can accept the colorful decorative hardscape products, and sealers.

After 15 years of working for a concrete company which poured both commercial and residential concrete flatwork, Shane decided he wanted to take concrete to the next level…decorative concrete. 

Outdoor Applications

Today, Decorative Concrete Art creates colorful outdoor concrete hardscapes such as patios, driveways, and concrete block walls using a variety of acids, dyes, stains and epoxies.

Upon request, he has also acid stained and sealed concrete statuary to match existing colored patios, patio walls, sidewalks and driveways to create a more visually matched color effect. 

Indoor Applications

Decorative Concrete Art applies products to concrete flooring on the main level of homes, as well as garage floors and basement floors.  

Product Applications Offered

Different products are chosen for different applications because Shane understands the steps necessary to achieve unique and artful designs for his clients. 

To view his work, click on the following links to see photos of the types of decorative concrete applications he offers. 

Decorative Concrete Services:


multi-color stamped, hand-colored custom patio

Stamped and Stained Concrete

New stamped and stained concrete adds color and beauty to your outdoor living space. 

seal hardscape stone to bring out its natural beauty

Seal Hardscape Stone To Bring Out Its Natural Beauty

Sealing hardscape stone adds color depth to allow you to see the stone’s true colors.

Hardscape Natural Stone after being acid stained, dyed and sealed

Hardscape Stone Porch-Patio Stained, Dyed and Sealed

Refinishing natural stone adds visual interest and reduces cleaning maintenance.

Two concrete lion statues adorning this driveway entrance were acid stained and sealed

Concrete Statuary Color Renewal and Protection

Concrete statuary colors are renewed and protected after being acid stained and sealed.

Concrete gazebo acid stained and sealed

Outdoor Concrete Architectural Structures Colored and Sealed

Outdoor concrete architectural structures like this gazebo are colored and sealed to maintain their appearance and visual appeal.


New Concrete Installation

We offer new concrete installation for driveways, patios, sidewalks, pools, and more.  Quality work at an affordable price.


Meet the Owner